Notice: All values that use some kind of timestamp or time are converted to your timezone :)

Use the search bar to look up for items by name, value, drop location, player or type, you can either type single or multiple names. Regex should work too.

You can search by names or relics like: "oberon|ash" or "axi c1|ash|axi c2"

Or by specific column:

  • item
  • min, max, avg, median, mode
  • ducat
  • player name
  • drop place
  • type of item (primary, secondary etc.)
Example: player=Nykilor|item=Akbolto

Pro Tips:

  • If you sort by ITEM the items will group up and the script will sum up the set/part values.
  • Save some typing, type "lith: v1 v2" to search for "lith v1" and "lith v2". Notes: there can not be a space at the end.
  • Use the builder to make a quick check during or before run.
  • Use the SHARE URL to share your ordered search result with friends.
  • You don't have to click on the search bar, just start typing.
  • You can look for only vaulted by typing 'is_vaulted' or other way around 'not_vaulted'


Values Graph

Loads ChartJS library. Now if you click item name you'll load a modal with a chart of values. Defaulty it is limited to 7 days and 24 nodes per day, you can change that by clicking the gear top left of it.

Chat Data

Extends each row in table with the chat values from



Show/Hide column.

Stat. Values

Use GLOBAL or VARIABLES based stat. values.

GLOBAL - Dosn't matter from which platform.

VARIABLES - The value will be based depending on the platform chosen and ignored players, ignoring players will affect every aspect of the table.

Calculate values based on

Here you select from what values should the calculations of ratio, set-parts value and other to come be based on.


The little counter next to cart defines how many orders are there for this item at platform "PC", "PS4", "XB1/XBOX". If you use this option while having PLATFORM based stats the value's will change depending on the platform.

Order type

Depending on what you're looking. Sell is for sell orders, buy is for buy orders.


The website is a PWA (Progressive Web App), that means that you can browse it while offline (With limited functionality) after you load in on your device at least once.

Icons and shorts


  • - 'go shoping' (opens the sellers list).
  • - not favourite.
  • - is your favourite.
  • - in your favourite item group.
  • - that the value is '' based.
  • - this value is '' based.


  • 32 S - read it as 'Save 32 platinium by buying/selling Set by using', click to sort by it.
  • 1 P - read it as 'Lose 1 platinium by buying/selling Partialy by using', click to sort by it.


← and → arrow on your keyboard to change page.


Why's the min 60, but the lowest order 80?

If you use the "GLOBAL" option the min, avg and median will be the global values, it means that it does not matter if it's PC/PS4/XB1 price. If you wan't a lowest for your platform consider switching to the "VARIABLES" option.

What's the delay between the calls?

30 mins, where the collection should take from 3 - 15 mins. It's for now 900+ calls, 3 calls per item; 1 call per platform.

How do you get the data?

I use the API of those sites:

Why this site's so ugly?

Well I do work on making it pretty.

Hey can you add "this, that" to the listing?

Sure just use the button and pm me on reddit.

Can i somehow help you?

*HERE SHOULD BE A GITHUB LINK* you can help me optimize this, or just donate a few $ for better hosting and a coffee for me.

This site is to heavy for my PC/PHONE/POTATO to handle, is there any other option?

Click here NO JS/PRINT, there you'll find just the most basic values.

What are you now planing?

My TODO list looks sort of like this:

  • A normal hosting, to transfer the data from files into a database (the free hosting got it's limitations).
  • Full automatization in data collection; A unvault? A new prime? The site updates by itself as soon as the new data is avilable on the wiki.
  • Domain.








ITEM MIN AVG MED MODE ducats ducats : plat DROP